John 6:22-35

The Rolling Stones has a hit song tittles “I can’t get no satisfaction.”  Too bad they didn’t know that Jesus is the Bread of Life and whoever comes to Him will never hunger and whoever believes in Him will never thirst.  Jesus is the Bread that satisfies.

We have all had those times when we feel empty inside.  The devil will try to convince us that there is physical satisfaction for spiritual needs.  In our text today, Jesus helps the crowds to see that physical food is only temporary but the Bread Jesus provides is eternal.  

Jesus is the only One who can satisfy our spiritual hunger. Jesus does not promise that we will always be satisfied with everything we have in life. Rather it means our desires will be shaped and met by the only One who can truly satisfy when we commit our lives to Jesus.  

Join us as we discover again that Jesus is the Bread of Life!