Easter breakfast was so amazing; I can’t believe the huge turnout of friends and family. The togetherness, the hugs and of course the delicious food. The Youth did a great job putting everything together and making sure everything got served. I’m proud of these guys who have a couple more fundraisers coming up!! One of them is the cutest one ever! And will happen in between services on May 22nd.This will also be our congregational meeting!! The first one of the year after the 2nd service to accept the panel of Elders for next year! The Youth Fundraiser is called "Kiss the Bunny for Money Honey!!" This is where you put money in the jars of who you want to give a smooch to one of the live rabbits at the event!! All the nominees will be there waiting!

The next Youth Fundraiser in May is our Pizza Night at Roundtable. More details to come for that one. Lots of other projects going on at church; there is a ton to get involved with. A quilting group and Young at Heart with the wonderful Dick and Connie Fisher, Choir and Providence our two musical groups we are blessed with. Julie has been cleaning and organizing the Sunday School buildings as we move forward to have that building rented out by a Pre-School. Also, the Youth House getting cleaned out and renovated to eventually rent out as a parsonage. There are lots of projects and through every one I know that our Redeemer Lives!! He is alive and well at our church here in the heart of beautiful San Diego ORLC Euclid! 

Jade Clark
Church Council President